How quickly can I get the dumpster?

We appreciate 24 hours notice when ordering a dumpster, but we will always work to accommodate special requests.

How long is the rental period?

A dumpster rental is for the duration of 7 days for bulk cleanout and 14 days for construction debris. Any time after that can be subject to additional charges. Please inquire with any special requests.

Does cheap disposal deliver on weekends?

Cheap Disposal operates Monday thru Saturday.

What if I’m not done with the dumpster by the scheduled pick up day?

If you need additional time with the dumpster, please contact the Cheap Disposal office as soon as possible to make alternate arrangements.

What materials are considered hazardous?

The following materials are considered hazardous: asbestos, telephone poles, oil, paint, chemicals, propane tanks, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, etc. If you have paint cans where the paint is dry, then it is not considered hazardous. Please contact Cheap Disposal if you have any questions or are unsure about any items you are planning to discard.

What do I do with harmful chemicals?

You cannot put any hazardous wastes in to the dumpsters. Please contact your local hazardous waste department for instruction on how to properly dispose of any hazardous materials.

Do I need a permit?

Most jurisdictions require a permit if you plan to place the dumpster in the street. You should contact your public works department for inquiries and permit application. However, you will not need a permit if you choose to have the dumpster placed on your property. We do require a signature to release us from any property damage. Be aware that dumpsters can weigh 2 tons empty and 8 tons full, which can easily crack a driveway. We will provide plywood to be placed under the dumpster to avoid any potential damage. Please note that when deciding placement of a bin, convenience is secondary to safety. Our drivers will not place a dumpster where it may potentially harm a person or property.

What is clean concrete?

Concrete ONLY. NO bricks, asphalt, ceramics or rebar.

What is Soil/Dirt?

100% pure soil/dirt (no turf contaminants). No other waste can be mixed in this dumpster.

How high can I fill the dumpster?

Debris should not be filled higher than the top of the dumpster. Over filling a dumpster can become a safety hazard during transport.


All container rentals include pick up, drop off, and waste removal services, with no hidden fees. You can rent dumpsters for up to 14 days.