About Our Portable Toilet Rentals

Cheap Disposal is the premier portable toilet rental company serving the northern New Jersey area. We strive to provide superior service at an affordable price.  Our portable toilet rentals are perfect for someone on a limited budget with high expectations. With our meticulous 15 point inspection plan, customers can expect a clean, sanitized and well maintained portable toilet unit that arrives in pristine condition. We provide the latest state of the art, industrial grade portable toilets that feature foaming hand sanitizer and roomy interior. We specialize in all sizes and types of events ranging from casual backyard gatherings to large outdoor sporting events.

We offer a great line of portable restrooms which will ensure comfort and convenience for you even in the most remote locations. Our Portable Sanitation Toilets and hand washers are perfect for long term or short term use at any Construction Site, as well as any type of Special Event. We are committed to providing prompt delivery, flexible service and a clean, sanitized restroom for competitive rate.

Portable Toilet Features
  1. Instant antiseptic foam hand cleanser dispensers
  2. Roomy interior
  3. Translucent roof providing ample light for optimum visibility
  4. Interior lock with outside occupancy indicator
  5. Toilet Tissue
  6. Maximum ventilation to minimize odors
  7. Door mounted vanity mirror
  8. Anti-Slip floor for improved safety
  9. Sanitary seat deck and floor design
  10. A spacious design that has 17.4 percent more interior space than other standard units in the industry.
  11. Single occupant unit
Portable Specs

Height: 91”

Width: 44”

Depth: 47”

Standard Tank Volume: 60 gallons

Seat Height: 19”

Rental Options





Clean and spotless units

State of the art routing software for optimum time management

Courteous and professional customer service team

Permanent outdoor business locations, Residential and commercial worksites, Road crew units, Construction Sites
Recreational events; parks, ball fields Casual gatherings, small backyard affairs, picnics
Large special occasion parties; weddings, anniversaries, birthday, and graduations
Fairs & Festivals, Retailers, restaurants, Golf courses Outdoor concerts, Community events

Portable Toilet FAQ

As a general rule of thumb, it’s advisable to rent at least one portable toilet for every 25 guests. If your event will last much of the day, consider renting additional units. The more temporary restrooms that are available for your guests, the cleaner each toilet will be.

Having the flexibility to place your temporary bathroom in a variety of locations may be one of the biggest benefits of choosing portable toilet rental. Things to consider when deciding on placement of your portable toilet rental:

  • Position on dry, level ground
  • Consider accessibility – centrally located or strategically scattered
  • In a location that can be easily accessed by the service truck. All portable toilets must be kept within 15 feet of a hard surface that can accommodate a commercial pump truck. We are unable to leave restrooms on any street or sidewalk.

Deliveries are typically made between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m

Payment in full is required before delivery. All major credit cards are accepted.

Yes! Our portable toilets are great for weekend parties, or even a one day party. It is always best to call at least one days prior to your event to ensure proper delivery times of your porta potty.

Exclusively using outdoor portable toilets has many advantages. Portable toilets are convenient, versatile, accessibility and ease the strain that could be placed on your septic system. The presence of portable bathrooms allows you to have the right amount to ensure that employees and guests are comfortable at all times.

Complete services Includes:

  • Drop off and delivery
  • Restocking Supplies
  • Removing waste from the tank
  • Removal of any debris
  • Complete or schedule needed repairs
  • Sign and date service log sticker in each unit.
  • Clean and sanitize the unit weekly:
  1. Scrub and sanitize all surfaces including the walls, urinal, toilet seat, and floor
  2. Add fresh water and deodorant solution to tank

Our driver will make all reasonable attempts to service the unit(s). The unit will be cleaned, and supplies restocked. A “Red Tag” will be placed on the unit to indicate that we were on site but not able to do a complete service. It will be noted in your order as to why the unit was only partially serviced. If the unit is only partially serviced due to being blocked, unreachable, behind locked gates or the like, you may request us to return to the site prior to your next scheduled route day for an additional fee.

Orders for weekend events are typically delivered on Friday and removed on Monday.


All toilet rentals include pick up, drop off, and maintenance services, with no hidden fees.